Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The PR Campaign Marches Ever Onward

I was invited onto the Morning Programme with Jo Phillips on BBC Somerset Sound on Monday morning, where I was subjected to something known as 'The Questionnaire'. This basically involved being put in the Comfy Chair, suffering a little prodding with soft cushions and being left there until elevenses.

But I did manage to plug the film, which Jo found fascinating. She made an appeal on our behalf over the airwaves for entrepreneurial support. Cash, in other words.

And there is considerable interest from the Western Daily Press in doing a piece about our travails in getting the project off the ground. Well, it seems to be off the ground, hovering a few feet above it in fact, like a marsh flare (which Herr Screenwriter and I once captured on video) or, come to think of it, a bad smell. I'd better go and open the windows...

Friday, June 10, 2005

Change of film title!

We have decided to change the title of the film, from the somewhat prosaic Mr Smith and the Aliens (many years ago it was Mr Smith and the Flying Saucers) to the more upbeat and unusual (we hope!) The Gulf Breeze Caravan Park UFO Society. The caravan site where Smith lives is called The Gulf Breeze Caravan Park (a homage to the big Florida flap of the late 80s) and he forms a UFO society while living there. Hence the title. Of course it all goes horribly wrong, otherwise we wouldn't have a story.

For those of you who missed Mr Screenwriter on This Morning on Wednesday, all I can say he is came on between clothing that had brown stains on (don't ask!) and a man who drinks his own piss (for health reasons - apparently it's helped him stay off medication). I'm sure we will be on medication by the time the film is finished. But at least we now know the cure...

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mr Screenwriter on This Morning (I kid you not) (no goat pun intended!)

I have to blow Mr Scriptorium's cover here, as he is on the hugely popular UK daytime show This Morning, with Fern Britton and Philip Schofield, to promote his book Urban Legends, on ITV1 on Wednesday 8 June at 1030 (European Summer Time).

Nick will also plug, if he's allowed the time, Mr Smith and various other film projects.

Fuck! The whores we all have to pretend to be. Still, may as well love the whole thing, and take the tantric view (i.e., in the long run, frequent shaftings are good for you).